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HVAC Service Technicians

Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC we have been servicing Comfortmaker air conditioning split systems for residential and Trane commercial rooftop air conditioning systems for the last 28 years.  We service all Payne air conditioning forced air systems and install all Day and Night forced air conditioning systems, Whether it is a residential Goodman forced air unit or commercial Daikin rooftop forced air unit.  We take servicing and installing every residential and commercial forced air conditioning system very seriously.  AC Service and air conditioning installations can be very difficult sometimes, but we do it all, servicing all makes and models of air conditioning units for the last 28 years.  We are built with a lot of air conditioning servicing and installation experience.  All our technicians are certified in servicing and installing every kind of carrier forced air conditioning unit.  We also specialize in service and installation and complete ventilation of all Trane forced air commercial rooftop units.  Our air conditioning technician is who you would want and trust to service your Bryant air conditioning unit at home.

Our technicians are specialists and find ways of saving you money with HVAC air conditioner installations.  Saving you money is who we are.  Servicing a residential Amana forced air conditioning systems or servicing a commercial rooftop carrier forced air unit is our specialty.  We have a team of air conditioning specialists that are on standby waiting just for you.  They are AC installation specialists trained in everything about servicing and installing any commercial York rooftop unit.  These air conditioning specialists are the best in servicing American standard heating and air conditioning equipment.  It's always good to have air conditioning service and installation experts on your side.  Our air conditioning experts are the ones that have years of air conditioning experience in servicing residential and commercial systems.  Azrikam the Price Is Right Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC are professional experts in servicing and installing all Lennox residential and commercial equipment.  We have professional air conditioning inspectors that will come out to inspect any residential or commercial heating or air conditioning equipment. A lot of the time people buy property without having the HVAC equipment looked at. But after the closing they find out they have a cracked heat exchanger that's going to cost them thousands of dollars.  So please be wise and always do the right thing by calling us.  Spending a small amount of money to save a lot of money later is always the smart thing to do.  Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC.  We will always help you to do the right thing because the Lord always does the right thing for us.

Service Calls

Whether we're servicing a commercial rooftop carrier unit in a plaza or going to a customer's home and servicing a Day and Night residential air conditioning condensing unit we are in business to save everyone money and make sure that there equipment is running 100% efficiently.  Our job is simple, take care of people, treat them right, and be honest.  That's why we are successful.

Working hard and trying to help every customer with AC Replacement and air conditioner installation is who we are.  People never forget anyone who helps them.  In fact sometimes, helping them makes them become better people.  That's why here at Azrikam the Price Is Right heating air conditioning and refrigeration HVAC by doing always what's right for the customer they themselves will always do what's right for you.

Servicing and Repairing Rooftop Units

York Rooftop Air ConditionerWe service and repair all commercial makes and models of HVAC carrier air conditioning rooftop units in addition to AC air conditioning replacement and installation. We also service and repair all residential carrier air conditioning split systems.  We specialize in service, repair, and replacing all Carrier air conditioning units for single family homes.  We also install American Standard air conditioning split systems for commercial buildings up to 3 flat, 6 flat, 9 flat, 12 flat, and up.  We service, repair, and install all makes and models of any Commercial Lennox equipment including  Bryant rooftop air conditioning systems.  All residential and commercial Bryant air conditioning HVAC units should be cleaned and checked every year.  The filters should be replaced once every month for proper filtration circulation and purification.  It is very important to maintain any commercial and residential Bryant HVAC systems.  We do everything we can to make comfort affordable for all our old and new customers.

AC Service and Repair

We specialize in servicing and repairing all makes and models of all major name brands.  We are all about saving you money any way we can.  We go through steps with each customer to make sure we are not coming there to simply change batteries on the thermostat or change the filters on the equipment for $89.  That's why we go through all the necessary steps with each customer to avoid any customer wasting money for nothing.  Other heating and air conditioning companies don't do that, but here at Azrikam the Price Is Right Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC that is who we are as people and a company.  We can only thank our heavenly Father for that blessing.  We make 100% sure that it is done the same way we want it done in our home.

Troubleshooting and Freon Charging

Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC we want people to understand that Amana air conditioning units do not need to be charged with Freon every year.  There are steps that you have to follow when you go on a Bryant air conditioning no cooling call. The first thing to do when arriving to the job site, is to ask the customer questions.  One question would be "when did you find out that your air conditioning stopped working?".  

The next step is going to the thermostat and setting the air conditioning unit to turn on.  Two things need to happen right away.  First, the Trane air conditioning unit turns on.  Then the Trane 90% high efficiency furnace blower motor turns on.  If the air conditioning unit and the furnace blower motor systems turns on right away then we know it's not an electrical problem.  If it does not turn on right away the first thing we would do is to go and check the thermostat.  If there is a flashing battery sign on the screen of the thermostat, then we know that we have to change the batteries and that's likely the problem.  If after changing the batteries on the thermostat it's still is not turning on then we have to go the next step, which is bypassing the thermostat.

We then disconnect the red, the yellow, and the green wire from the base of the thermostat.  The red wire is the 24 volt positive that comes from the transformer to power the low voltage side.  This power goes through all the 24 volt controls then returns to the common of the transformer.  Then we connect the red and green wires together.  That should turn on the carrier furnace blower motor and if it does we then go to the next step where we connect the red and yellow wires together to see if that pulls the contactor in energizing the outside air conditioning unit.  If it turns on then we have found the problem, but If it still not turning on the air conditioning unit and the furnace blower motor then we have a control problem.  We have to go to the furnace and check the complete high and low voltage Circuitry.  Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC , We do not guess.  Guessing costs people a lot of money.  Other companies love that kind of work.  We don't have to do that here because WE ARE A BLESSED COMPANY AND THE LORD WILL ALWAYS FEED HIS CHILDREN.  HE ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL.

We are here to help you save money.  We find the problems and the we fix only what needs to be fixed.  Nothing more and nothing less; only what you need.  Once we get all the controls working properly we go outside and put our Bryant air conditioning gauges on the system and check the pressure.  The pressure can be effected from a dirty filters.  This can restrict the air flow that should be going through the air conditioning coil so we install a new filter.  Another problem can be a dirty condensing unit.  If the condenser coil is clogged and has no air going through it then it can also effect the Freon gas pressures levels.  So we wash the condensing unit down to get the proper Freon gas pressures.

Getting the right Freon pressures is the most important thing to do for you carrier air conditioning system because if you don't have enough Freon in your air conditioning unit 3 things could happen.  One is It will run with no Freon and burn out your compressor.  Secondly, it can run and freeze the coil and completely block your air flow doing nothing but wasting money for you.  The third thing is having all that ice melting and getting all your controls wet.  We specialize in Freon pressure.  We find Freon leaks and we fix them.  Whoever tells you that you need to charge your comfort maker air conditioning split systems every year are not looking out for you.  THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF.

AC Installation

Here at Azrikam The Price Is Right heating air conditioning and refrigeration HVAC we take pride in every job that we do, whether it is a service call or a complete carrier forced air system Installation.  We install All Trane forced air residential and commercial HVAC air conditioning equipment.  We specialize in HVAC commercial rooftop Trane equipment installation.  We work with cranes, helicopter lifts, scissor lifts, and more.  Big equipment for big jobs .  Safety is very important to us and code guides us to always do the right job for any and all AC air conditioner replacement and installation.

We Install all makes and models of every brand.  The name of equipment whether it is a Goodman does not represent who we are as a company.  It is our job with installation that represent who we are as a company.  We install Bryant Rooftop units, Rheem Split systems, Comfortmaker Air handlers, Mitsubishi ductless systems, Lennox forced air systems, Commercial refrigeration, Commercial make up air, Commercial mushroom exhaust fans.  Here at Azrikam The Price Is Right heating air conditioning and refrigeration HVAC. We always do the job right or we don't do it at all.

New Installations

We install new Comfortmaker air conditioning systems with complete new duct work. We work on new residential and commercial Trane air conditioning systems and more, also.  We specialize in Rheem air conditioning 18 seer high efficiency new installations . We have been putting in new Bryant air conditioning unit with Forced air systems for residential and commercial buildings for 28 years.  Whether it is a single family home installation or up to a 12 flat complete demo.  We do it and always get it all AC condensing unit installations done right 100% of the time.  With us there is nothing that cannot be done.  If you have the will then you will find the way and we are the way.

Clean, Check, and Tune-Up

We tell our customer about cleaning and checking their American Standard air conditioning  equipment.  It's very important to keep the residential condenser coil clean and make sure you have the proper Freon levels.  That's why you should have license company come out every summer and clean and check your commercial carrier rooftop unit.  It's important to replace your filters every 2 months for proper efficiency, air circulation, filtration, and purification.  It is very important to have some HVAC company come out to clean, check, and tune up your Goodman commercial rooftop unit once a year.  It's also good to have your residential American Standard air conditioning unit clean and checked every year.  When people don't clean and check there residential or commercial Lennox air conditioning unit problems occur usually on very hot days.  So please prepare and do the right thing and get a clean and check on you Bryant air conditioning unit.  Spending the $ 89 for a clean and check will prevent you from spending thousands of dollars later on a new AC Installation that wouldn't have been needed.  Hearing the right thing from someone who cares sometimes makes you do the right thing.

Cleaning Condenser Coils

For the last 28 years we have cleaned thousands of carrier condensing air conditioning units.  We specialize in cleaning all air conditioning units.  It does not matter what kind of equipment you have.  From Trane to Carrier residential forced air split systems or a Comfortmaker air handler forced air systems, we'll get it cleaned.  We also specialize in cleaning all commercial rooftop units.  By cleaning a condenser coil on a residential Bryant air conditioning unit you are making the system run more efficiently.  Proper air circulation is very important when transferring the warm humid air through the cold evaporator coil.  Once all the humidity is out of your home the temperature will start dropping and comfort is not far away.  Cleaning your carrier condenser coil can make that big of a difference.

You always have to be very careful when cleaning a commercial rooftop Lennox air conditioning  systems.  They have high voltage power that will hold you and not let you go.  240 volt systems will instantly kill you.  Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC we highly recommend that you always hire a licensed and insured company that will send you a professional service technician to your home or work place to take care of any AC condensing unit cleaning, replacement, or installation.

AC Compressor Burnout

At Azrikam The Price Is Right heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration we take air conditioning burn outs very seriously.  It's not something to play around with.  A burnout can be very dangerous in many different ways.  One way is if the systems is not wired right and doesn't have the proper ground for the air conditioning unit.  If one of the winding is grounded to the system.  The circuit breaker will not pop MEANING it will not shut off the power to the unit.  If any one were to go and to touch that unit it could be very, very bad, causing bodily harm and potentially death.  You are playing with 240 volts.  240 volts does not just zap you.  It makes you part of the circuit meaning IT HOLDS AND DOESN'T LET GO.  It's not something to play around with.

You should always have a professional, licensed company to do this kind of work. That's why having the proper wiring and ground is so very, very important.  Here at Azrikam The Price Is Right heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration safety, code, and savings IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT WAY TO GO.

AC Changeout

Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration HVAC.  When getting ready to change out or replace an existing Lennox commercial rooftop unit or a residential forced air Amana split system.  We do not just put the same model in. We make sure that the old commercial rooftop Lennox unit or the existing force air Amana system were properly sized. We calculate that every 400 square feet needs 1 ton of cooling in residential homes and some commercial properties.  We make 100% sure that what we install will be efficient for the space.  By code every commercial Carrier or Bryant rooftop equipment must have a fresh make up air system, which is called an economizer.  With us BY THE CODE IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT WAY TO GO.

AC Replacement

Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC.  We specialize in HVAC Carrier air conditioning system replacement. Whether it is a York commercial HVAC/air conditioning rooftop unit with an economizer or a Comfortmaker residential split system condensing unit.  We work on all HVAC forced air systems.  We love to talk about our professional residential  and commercial HVAC installations because it is our work that reflects on who we are as a heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration HVAC company.  That itself brings comfort to our new customers and keeps our old customers with us. We always do what's right for you.

HVAC Sales

Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration HVAC.  We do not force people to buy anything or scare people into buy something .  The Lord has always blessed us, always providing for me and my family.  I understand one thing: that the Lord owns everything including us. It's really simple; do the right thing and the right thing will be given to you.  Only what belongs to me nothing and nothing less.  It really is that simple.  That's why we let customers know what's going on with their old equipment and giving them different options or ways that best works for them financially.  Everything in life is not about making money but always doing the right thing.  The question that i get asked most is how long do you think it will last.  The first thing we do is check the model and serial number that gives us a guide line.  Showing us how old and when the equipment was manufactured then we take it from there.  We sell nothing but only receive only what our father our Lord our God  blesses us with.  In Jesus' name as He is always and forever.

AC Prices

Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration HVAC everything we do is about saving you money and always doing the job always 100% to code.  We have great prices for furnace installation, air conditioning installation, ac installation, boiler installation, and more.  We install complete forced air systems with complete duct work for single family homes.  We also do commercial buildings with 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36 unit systems.  We match or beat other prices from other companies.

We do everything we can to try and save everyone money so they can have more money for their family.  But sometimes you just can't beat everyone's price. So we make sure that whatever company is putting in the heating and cooling equipment are going to be installing the proper systems for these customers whether they go with us or not.  This is who we are as a company. We do for the people what the lord does for you every day; Help. Here at Azrikam the Price Is Right heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration HVAC. We try everyday and every way to do whets right for everyone.

General AC Info

Enjoy the benefits of a climate-controlled home or office thanks to the efforts of a top Niles, IL, air conditioner installer.  At Azrikam The Price Is Right, we offer the punctual and professional service you require when you need air conditioning right away. We’re a locally owned and operated business that can visit your location and quickly deliver a free, written estimate for your A/C installation project.

The compressor and condenser are usually located on the outside air portion of the air conditioner. The evaporator is located on the inside of the house. Sometimes as a part of a furnace that's the part that heats your house. The working fluid arrives at the compressor as a cool low pressure gas.

The AC condenser converts the AC gas refrigerant into a liquid form. In this process. It generates a lot of heat in the AC system. The job of a AC condenser motor is to remove the Heat from the AC system by blowing air across the condenser.  It is the large piece of equipment that is outside your house. It contains a compressor, condenser coil, a fan motor, and various controls.

Condenser coils are located in the outside unit. It's the part the refrigerant flows through and is condensed from a hot gas into a liquid. It is made of copper or aluminum tubing and some type of fins for air to flow through. The condenser fan is the large fan you can see at the top of your outside HVAC unit. This fan is used to draw air and remove heat from the condenser coils.

In systems involving heat transfer a condenser is a device or a unit used to condense a substance from a gas to a liquid state, by cooling it. In so doing, the latent heat is given off by the substance. And will transfer to the condenser coolant. Condensers are typically heat exchangers which have various designs and come in many sizes ranging from rather small two very large industrial scale unit used in plant processing. For example a refrigerator use as a condenser to get rid of heat extracted from the interior of the unit to the outside air and that's those are used in air conditioning. That's true of chemical processes such as distillation. Steam power plants and other heat exchanger systems. Use of cooling water or surrounding air as a coolant is common and many condensers

Compressor the heart of the system. It takes the refrigerant and turns in it from a cool low pressure gas. And turns it into a hot high pressure gas through some type of a compression. Most residential compressors use either a piston or a scroll to achieve this. A piston traps gas in a cylinder then the Piston compresses the gas and releases it. A scroll uses to seashell type plates rotating against each other. Forcing the gas to travel through a space that is getting ever smaller.

The compressor saver is an electrical component that is attached to the condenser unit of the air conditioner. This device allows the compressor to start up quickly and use less power during the process. It ultimately let you save money on your energy bill.

Seer stands for season Energy Efficiency. Electricity is purchased in a unit. measurement called Watts. Where is the amount of air conditioning is expressed in British thermal unit BTUs. The Seer lets you convert watts to BTUs. If you had a 14 Seer unit. You would get 14 BTUs for everyone of power. So the higher the sooner the better. Currently the lowest Seer 13 and the highest is 21. The higher the Seer. The higher the cost will be to initially install the better equipment. You should take into account how long it will take you to start getting paid back on your initial investment before you decide what Seer you should buy.

Evaporator coil this is the equipment that is installed next to or on top of your furnace. And that locations that use electric heat instead of gas they vaporator coil is usually built in with the blower motor and the heat strips. Evaporator coil is made of copper tubing. It made hearing device. A drain pan period and fins. When the refrigerant enters the coil it is in a liquid form. It flows through a metering device that regulates how much refrigerant can pass through. Like a hose nozzle. When the refrigerant goes through the metering device it's pressure is reduced and sent through a series of copper pipes which have fins attached to them. As the warm air from your house is blowing across these pipes and fins. The refrigerator pulls the heat from the air causing a refrigerant to boil from a liquid to a gas. And the air to cool. When the air is cooled it loses some of the water it holds. The water accumulates on the fins and drips down into a drain pan. Then it slows down a pipe into your sewage.

Refrigerant chemical that transfers heat is commonly referred as a freon or R22. The new environmentally sound refrigerant is a mixture of difluoromethane and pentafluoromethane which is commonly referred to R 410a or puron. This is what runs through your system allowing it to transfer heat from your house to the outside. It travels from the compressor to the condenser coils. Where it is change from a hot gas into a liquid. Then through the liquid Line. Pass a metering device and into the evaporator coil. Where it is change back into a gas. Do the suction line. And back to the compressor to start all over again.

The low pressure cutoff switch is also known as a suction pressure control switch. It is the control that causes the compressor to go on or off as required for normal operation of the refrigerant plant. The switch is connected to the suction side of the compressor and is actuated by pressure changes in the suction line. When the solenoid valves in the lines to the various evaporators are closed so that the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator is stopped. The pressure of the vapor in the compressor suction line drops quickly. When the suction pressure stops period when the temperature in the refrigerated space has risen enough to operate one or more of the solenoid valves. Refrigerant is again admitted to the cooling coils. And the compressor suction pressure build up again. At the desire pressure. The low pressure cutoff switch closes. Starting the compressor again and repeating the cycle.

The blower motor is a component responsible for pushing air through the vents of your furnace heating and air conditioning system. Without it. The AC system will not be able to circulate the heated or cooled air.

The high pressure cut off switch is connected to the compressor discharge line to protect high pressure side of the system against excessive pressure. The design of this which is essentially the same as that of a low pressure cutout switch. However, the low pressure cutout switch is made to close when the suction pressure reaches its over normal limits. The higher pressure cutoff switch is made to open when the discharge pressure. As mentioned before. The low pressure cutoff switch is the compressor control for normal operation of the plant. The high pressure cutout switch. On the other hand is a safety device only and does not have control of compressor operation under normal conditions.

Thermostat this is where you interface with an air conditioning system. It should be mounted and I love them. There a return air Grille. And away from any outside doors. Heat sources. Or Windows. This will make the thermostat read the overall temperature of the house more accurately. Thermostats range from a simplistic two extremely complicated with a price Rising with the complexity. Some of the optional features on the newest thermostats include outdoor temperature sensors. Automatic changeover from heat to cool. Humidity controls. Dirty filter warnings. 7 Day program and schedules. Extra large displays and buttons. Back lights. And PC connections. 

AC thermostat built as a temperature-sensitive switch. A thermostat for the home will automatically turn the air conditioning and heating system on and off to maintain a level of Quality Air in the home's interior. The functionality of the thermostat varies between units.

A contactor is electrically controlled switch used for switching an electrical power circuit. Similar to a relay except with higher current rating. A contactor is controlled by a circuit which has much lower power level then the switch circuit. Contractors come in many forms was very capacities and features.

Contactor part of the outside unit that turns the unit on and off. It receives a low voltage signal from your thermostat causing the contacts to close sending power to the compressor and fan motor. The most common cause of failure for this part is bugs. As are particularly fond of crawling between the contacts. When the contacts close you get a smashed and that can cause the contacts to feel and your unit will not come on.

Time delay the only time you would care that there be a time delay for pressure to equalize as if you are running a single phase scroll compressor. When a scroll compressor off cycle it will spin backwards a big as pressures equalize. If you short cycle a compressor and energy to run backwards and trips on internal overloads. This will destroy your scroll compressor. This is the only time you will see a time-delayed specifically for the equalization of pressures

Capacitors there are two types of capacitors to start capacitor and the run capacitor both types of capacitors store electricity and release it to give a motor more power. The start capacitor is used for starting your compressor. It basically gives the compressor a short burst of power when it starts off. Most residential compressors do not need a start capacitor. But as the compressor gets older it may need one. This is usually a sign that the compressor is at the end of its life. And run capacitor is used for the compressor the condenser fan motor and the blower motor. They provide extra power for the motors when they are running capacitors are rated in microfarads and need to be checked every year. If a capacitor is rated a 40 micro farad is only showing 20. It will put extra stress on the motor causing it to run hotter and less efficiently. A capacitor that is not operating normally will run your electric bills up and shorten the lifespan of the motor.

More likely a time delay would be used in the general for anti short cycling. When a compressor is energized it takes 4 to 5 times the rating amperage to get up and run at the same speed. This is called a rush current. Inrush current can be detrimental to any motor if you sit there and let it short cycle it period on a low pressure safety.

A crankcase heater sole purpose is to prevent refrigerant migration and mixing with crankcase oil when the unit is off. And to prevent condensation of refrigerant in the crankcase of the compressor. The crankcase heater keeps refrigerant at a temperature higher than the coldest part of the system.

A condensate pump is a specific type of pump used to pump the condensate water produced in HVAC heating or Cooling . Refrigerant condensing boiler furnace or steam system.

We’re a certified, licensed, and insured contractor that offers a 100% guarantee on all of our work. Our customers turn to us because we provide:

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